We now know which team has best logo in the NHL

The winner of Icethetics' open bracket contest for the NHL's best logo was announced today.

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Today it was announced that the Detroit Red Wings have won's NHL Tournament of Logos. Hockeytown, USA can now claim to be the rightful owners of the league's best logo.

The grueling 10-week tournament saw the Red Wings beat the Flames, Blues, and Blackhawks in head-to-head voting, eventually coming out on top with a narrow 52% vote in the final contest against Chicago.

The red and white winged wheel has been an endearing logo since it debuted in 1932, with it's modern design first being used in 1948. It's hard to top perfection, and the logo has been essentially unchanged ever since.

If lasting 70 years wasn't enough to prove that it's one of the best logos in hockey, this win will give Red Wings fans even more purchase for their pride.