Wes McCauley steals the show with another dramatic coach’s challenge call

Classic. Somebody put this guy in a movie!

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In case you missed it, last night the most dramatic official in the entire NHL, Wes McCauley, stole the show yet again. For the uninitiated, McCauley has a bit of a history of delivering the most dramatic coach's challenge and review calls in all of hockey. I mean... who can forget these gems:


Well, McCauley was up to his old tricks last night in Detroit as the Red Wings hosted the Vancouver Canucks. After Red Wings speedster Martin Frk appeared to tie the game up with a breakaway slap shot goal, Canucks head coach Travis Green used his coach's challenge to determine whether or not the play was onside. 

We'll let McCauley take it from here:

How great is that? We're always asking NHL players to open a bit more and show personality, but rarely do we see this type of personality from officials. While traditionalists may not like it, there are few things we love more than a good Wes McCauley call.