What is in store for the Flames during the final stretch

Details inside

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The All Star break gives teams a chance to evaluate how the season has gone so far and what they will need to do during the final 2 months of the season. For the Flames, it unfortunately is not where they expected to be. Did they just over achieve too much last season? The Flames had a great 14-15 season but consistency has been lacking. Only Johnny Gaudreau has had a better season compared to last year.

So what is in store for the Flames? The Flames are only 2 points out of being tied for last place in the league so this year might have to be used as an experience builder. IT will be doubtful to see any major moves by the Flames unless it improves the team going forward.

The future is still very bright for the Flames and they will only get better. You sometimes have to go through growing pains and I think we all can agree to chalk this season up to that.