Where it all went wrong between Byfuglien and the Jets

Elliotte Friedman breaks down exactly how and when this messy breakup began.

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It appears that Winnipeg Jets fans may FINALLY be getting some resolution on the Dustin Byfuglien situation this week. 

Of course, Byfuglien had been suspended by the Jets for failing to report to training camp back in September. It was reported that Byfuglilen wasn’t sure if he wanted to play and was taking his time in making a decision. 

Then, TSN insider Bob McKenzie reported that Byfuglien had undergone ankle surgery without the team’s consent. This is where things get interesting…

The team feels that Byfuglien was deemed fit to play and did not disclose his ankle injuries. At the beginning of this current season, Byfuglien tried to skate prior to training camp, but was unable due to injury. In effect, Big Buff is sticking to his guns and the team is trying to call his bluff. Laying in the balance are millions and millions of dollars. 

Crazy. Suffice it to say, it sounds like the marriage between Big Buff and the Jets is off. And, in fact, McKenzie’s TSN colleague Frank Seravalli is reporting as much.

Check it out:

From Seravalli’s article for TSN:

The Jets and defenceman Dustin Byfuglien are working toward a mutual contract termination over the next several days, according to multiple sources, which would formally end his suspension and bring to a close the grievance Byfuglien filed in November.

So, what happens once Byfuglien and the Jets officially part ways?

If executed, the contract termination would also make Byfuglien an unrestricted free agent, free to resume his career with any team of his choosing. That could be next week, next season or never again. Byfuglien’s on-ice future remains very much in doubt. 

But here’s the catch… Big Buff hasn’t even been on wheels since the summer.

Byfuglien, 34, has not resumed skating since undergoing ankle surgery in late October. He reportedly began rehabbing the injury in consultation with the Jets in mid-December, but hasn’t progressed to the next step in the process.

One thing’s for sure, whatever Byfuglien’s next step is, he won’t make it hastily. 

But, one thing remains unclear… what the Hell happened between Byfuglien and the Jets anyways? Like… one moment he’s a core member of their team and the next he wants nothing to do with them? What’s going on?

On his latest 31 Thoughts podcast for Sportsnet, Elliotte Friedman broke it all down. 

Check it out:

“Dustin Byfuglien and the Jets, it’s a marriage that should have never ended in divorce. Those guys were made for each other and it ends with a lot of hard feelings. I think that’s the way business goes sometimes, but I guess it’s like one of my divorced friends says sometimes, ‘You’ve got to really love someone to hate them.’”
“I do think last year… how hard last year was, I think that was one thing. I think the whole organization has done a lot of soul searching about how the whole thing was handled and I think, to their credit, I think they’ve worked hard to make things better. But there’s no question… I think Byfuglien was mad and was getting upset last year and then this year and I think the organization itself was this year.”

Okay, but upset over what? Losing? Trading away Jacob Trouba? Give us details, Friedge!