WHL’s Vancouver Giants cheer on their biggest fan in her first ever hockey practice

Easily the sweetest thing you’ll see all day! Way to go, Amelia!

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The WHL’s Vancouver Giants know that they can always count on super fan Amelia to be at each and every home game. They also know that they can count on her to have a fresh sign at each game.

Amelia, who the team unofficially refer to as ’Sign Girl’, attends every Giants home game with a brand new sign to go along with her big smile and positive attitude. So when the Giants heard that Amelia has decided to take up the game herself, the entire team showed up at her first practice with… you guessed it, signs!

Check it out:

How sweet is that!?

“She first saw us when she was on the ice. She took a minute to read all the signs and then she had to skate away or else she was going to break down a little bit,” defenceman Alex Kannok Leipert said to The Province newspaper. “Her reaction and the way her parents thanked us … it’s a time I’ll always remember. It was pretty cool that we were able to do that.

“It’s awesome to be able to give back to somebody who shows us so much support,” explained Giants captain and forward Jared Dmytriw. “For her to come every game and have the smile on her face and the signs … it’s the least we could do. To see the reaction of her and her parents was pretty special. Nobody knew we were coming. There were a lot of family and friends there, a lot of kids on the ice. It was exciting to be able to go there and surprise all the kids.”

The boys also presented Amelia with a signed stick to go along with all her new signs. Kudos, boys. You just made this little girl’s day.