Why does Ovechkin use #69 on his equipment bag?

The Caps superstar is #8, so what gives? The answer isn’t as obvious as it seems…

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Hockey players are notoriously superstitious beings. Some have to tape their sticks a certain way, others have to put on their equipment in a certain order, others have more elaborate schemes that involve all sorts of moving parts. Evidently though, Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin isn’t concerned with such trivialities. If he were, there’s no way he’d allow his team’s equipment staff to label his equipment bag incorrectly when travelling. But, in fact he does. Rather than his usual #8, OV’s bag is marked #69. 

So, what gives? Is it merely an immature joke? I mean, 69… get it? 

Nope, it turns out there’s a real reason for it. Check out this tidbit from Sports Illustrated’s Alex Prewitt:

Ah, see that makes sense. Still doesn’t explain “why” he chose 69, but it still explains why he doesn’t use 8. In any case, now you know!

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