Wideman delivers a hard and deliberate looking hit to a referee.

There's no way he did this on purpose right?

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We are giving Dennis Wideman the benefit of the doubt on this one, as should all of your readers, but this just looks deliberate.

Wdieman absolutely drilled an NHL official from behind with a heavy hit as he was skating towards the Flames bench. Watching the collision without context, you see Wideman skate directly towards the official and even raise his hands as if to emphasize the blow.

However when watching the replay, we see that Wideman himself is victim of a hit, one that sends his head hard into the boards and appears to leave him dazed. It's after taking that hit to the head that Wideman ends up skating towards the bench and the eventual collision.

Although this looks really bad, Wideman is a veteran player, and we'd like to believe this was a result of him being out of sorts and not an attack on an NHL official.