Wild GM called team scouts to apologize after deadline.


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Chuck Fletcher is feeling a little bad about some of the moves he made at the deadline.

The Minnesota Wild' GM traded quite a few draft picks to the Arizona Coyotes, including the team's first-rounder this year, for Martin Hanzal. While that decision could seem like a no-brainer for some, Fletcher felt compelled to apologize to members of the club's amateur scouting staff. 

He made calls to say sorry that most of the work the team's scouts did for the last five months is likely all for naught.

Much of their season is spent travelling all around North America and sometimes beyond, in order to find the very best talent come Draft Day. A lot of travelling is involved in the job, as well as a lot of time away from their respective families.

"Imagine being an amateur scout and you get a call basically on March 1 telling you, 'We’ve traded our first-round pick,' after you’ve been scouting for five months," Fletcher said, per Michael Russo of the Star Tribune. "You’re out slogging miles, and a lot of your focus is on the first round, it is on the top guy because that’s how the franchise is judged, that’s how you’re judged.

"You’re thinking, 'All this time away from my family' ... it’s tough."

Fletcher added, "hopefully we do something special this year that makes it worth it."