Wild GM Guerin explains latest controversial moves!

Does it make sense to you?

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All eyes have been on Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin ever since he started making questionable moves on his roster as soon as the offseason began for his club. He acquired Nick Bjugstad from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange of a conditional pick, and landed left wing Marcus Johansson from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for beloved center Eric Staal. On top of that, he announced that the team will not re-sign Mikko Koivu for the upcoming season.

That was a tough pill (pills, even) to swallow for the devoted fanbase, so much so that it might have prompted Guerin to comment his latest moves to Sportsnet on Tuesday. 

“With all due respect, the Minnesota teams (of the past) they’ve been good teams it’s just been a bit of a struggle to get a little further in the playoffs, so my job is to try to make the team better and sometimes change is good and a lot of times it’s necessary,” Guerin said during an appearance on Hockey Central .

Though he is in his first experience as a team GM, Guerin went on to explain that he was making the decisions with other members of the franchise in order to get the team to become a true Stanley Cup contender. 

“I’ve been trying not just to make my mark but to make some improvements. I’ve got a group of guys that I work with on a daily basis that help me and we (make) educated decisions. We’ve got a great pro scouting staff and a lot of great advice. We’re trying.”

Educated decisions, you heard that! Does it make you feel any better? 

“We have a good team, we have good players here but every once in a while you just need to mix it up a little bit,” Guerin added.

Or a lot!