Wild prospect Kyle Masters 'seriously hurt,' carried out on stretcher.

Wild prospect Kyle Masters 'seriously hurt,' carried out on stretcher.

A devastating scene during the Memorial Cup on Sunday night, one that has left a young man in bad shape.

Jonathan Larivee

A very scary situation is unfolding tonight during a Memorial Cup clash between the Kamloops Blazers and Peterborough Petes.

During the course of the game Minnesota Wild prospect Kyle Masters, who was representing the Blazers, was seriously injured after he crashed into the boards awkwardly following a hit from Rangers prospect Brennan Othmann, who was playing for the Petes. Masters was a fair distance from the boards at the time of the impact the the hit launched him spine-first into the boards at a horrifying angle.

Unfortunately the hit left Masters in such a bad way that a stretcher had to be brought out onto the ice to carry him off, and we have yet to receive an official update on his status.

Othmann skated over to check on his downed opponent after the fact, a classy gesture that did not sit well with everyone.

Blazers Coach Shaun Clouston was reportedly very upset with the officials for allowing that to transpire.

According to some reports Masters was able to flash a thumbs up on his way off the ice, so hopefully that's a good sign.