Wild's goaltending decision sparks anger from fans.  

Wild's goaltending decision sparks anger from fans.

The Minnesota Wild have named their starting goaltender and fans are not happy.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans in Pittsburgh are almost certainly not going to be happy about this decision.

On Monday, the Minnesota Wild will travel to Pittsburgh where they will take on the Penguins and many fans were expecting that this would mark the return of Marc-Andre Fleury to Pittsburgh as well. Unfortunately it would seem that the Wild have other plans, with the team making the call to start goaltender Filip Gustavsson in Pittsburgh this evening.

Fans who were hoping to see Fleury back in action in Pittsburgh will be left sorely disappointed, but there are good reasons for the Wild to make this decision. The Wild have a chance to pick up 2 points against the struggling Penguins this evening and with Fleury underperforming this season it makes sense to go with Filip Gustavsson in net.

It's also possible that Fleury himself has played a part in this decision, with the former Penguins goaltender often shying away from playing against his former team on their home ice. Wild insider Mike Russo pointed to that very fact on Monday, indicating that Fleury may only wish to return to Pittsburgh at the very end of his Hall of Fame career.

In spite of the valid reasons for going in this direction, there will be many let down by this decision and you can hardly blame them for feeling that way.