Wild unveil 3 sneak peeks at their new reverse retro jersey.

This one is looking clean.

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The Minnesota Wild, like many other teams in the National Hockey League, have now unveiled the first preview of their new "reverse retro" jerseys that will be brought out for the upcoming 2020 - 2021 NHL season. 

Teams from around the league have begun to provide their fans with a sneak peek at the new jerseys and in the case of the Minnesota Wild we have gotten 3 still photographs from the team. Although the photos deliberately leave out a great deal they do provide us with enough insight into the the whole process that we can say with confidence that this will be a tribute to the Minnesota North Stars. 

Now to be clear I have not seen the North Stars logo in any of the previews provided by the Wild, however we can clearly tell from two of these pictures that the North Stars color scheme was the inspiration behind this design. In one of the pictures we can see the white, yellow and green of the North Stars quite clearly on the arm of the jersey, and in another one of the photos we see that same color scheme repeated on the collar of the jersey. 

It is of course too early to give my thoughts on the jersey as of right now, but I think there's a good chance that I'm going to like this one very much.