William Nylander claims everyone is overreacting about his next contract and trade rumours

He tells it like it is when asked about his uncertain future in Toronto:



This summer has been filled with Toronto Maple Leafs fans arguing about William Nylander’s next contract. The Finnish forward has spent his entire career in Toronto and is now entering the last year of the six-year, $45 million deal signed back in 2018.

With the possibility to hit free agency next summer and no real progress made in contract negotiations with the Maple Leafs and new general manager Brad Treliving, Nylander has landed in blockbuster trade scenarios and has became a hot topic of discussion around the water cooler across America.

Nylander does not get why everyone is worried about his future with the Maple Leafs. In a yet-to-be-released interview with Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, Nylander appeared so relaxed about the whole situation that the insider called him “The most relaxed man in hockey.” The star forward does not seem one bit worried about the contract negotiations and what it may lead to.

“The most relaxed man in hockey. ‘Lots of time’ to sort out his contract, says there’s nowhere else he wants to be than Toronto,” Friedman tweeted on Wednesday. “Doesn’t see why everyone is spending so much time discussing it.”

During his exit interview at the end of the season press conference earlier this spring, Nylander was adamant that he hopes to stay in Toronto, where he had his best season yet putting up 40 goals and 47 assists in 82 games.

If ever the Maple Leafs enter a stalemate with Nylander moving forward, it wouldn’t be the first time since the top forward missed the first two months of the season while he was in ongoing contract negotiations back in 2018. It ended up being the longest in-season holdout in league history.

Maybe that’s why Nylander is still relaxed about this whole “saga”, seeing that he knows he can contribute to the team’s success as soon as the season gets underway for the Maple Leafs.

Let’s all chill out.

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