William Nylander's fate in Toronto may be decided

Is this Nylander's swan song?



The Toronto Maple Leafs have not one but two pending unrestricted free agents on their roster, and they happen to be two of the most important players on the team and arguably in the National Hockey League. 

Both Auston Matthews and William Nylander are up for new contracts on the cash-strapped Leafs, who have already made several additions to their team during the offseason. And while it's been discussed that a Matthews contract extension appears more likely given that Nylander apparently is refusing to take a team-friendly discount, it looks as though it could seal Nylander's future with the Leafs as having to play elsewhere in 2024.

Take a look at what Leafs Morning Take hosts Jay Rosehill and Nick Algebra had to say about the situation, in which they imply that Nylander may as well be as good as gone:

"My theory is that Matthews' contract is already finalized. It reminds me of Nathan McKinnon from last year; even though they didn't announce it on July 1, everyone knew he'd re-sign, especially after winning the Stanley Cup with Denver. The announcement came around training camp. Similarly, I believe Matthews will sign his extension when this year's training camp starts. Regarding Nylander, given his history and the known stance of his father, he's shown he's willing to negotiate until the last minute."

"In the meantime, as Rosie mentioned, there's not much to report on the Nylander front, and the same goes for Auston Matthews. When do you expect news on this? Perhaps in September? Honestly, I don't know. With these two guys, it boils down to the team's position. They have players they need to sign; some are overpaid, while others deserve more. There's a salary cap to consider. How will they make it work? I genuinely don't know what they're planning. I have a gut feeling we might lose Nylander, and sadly, he's one of the players I'd prefer to retain. The reason he deserves a higher salary is that many people want to keep him."

Is Nylander right to try and get the maximum amount that he can, or is he being selfish for allegedly refusing to take a discount in order to help the Leafs keep everyone together?