William Nylander to star in Amazon Prime streaming series

William Nylander to star in Amazon Prime streaming series

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Trevor Connors

The NHL published a preview of its new Amazon Prime series coming this fall, featuring NHL superstars William Nylander, David Pastrnak, Filip Forsberg, Connor McDavid, Jack Eichel, Matthew Tkachuk, Quinn Hughes, Leon Draisaitl and more. 

Check it out:

The series is produced by the same team who developed Netflix's smash hits Formula 1: Drive to Survive and PGA Tour Full Swing. It will be a behind the scenes 'immersive documentary' that follows the every day happenings of these players as they progress through the grind of an NHL season.

From the NHL:

The series will feature in-depth interviews with key players, their rivals and those in their closest inner circle - teammates, coaches, and family. The series will also reveal what life on-and-off the ice is really like for the league’s top players. From the quiet reflective moments to the speed and intensity of being on hockey’s biggest stage – revealing the talent, grit, and sacrifice it takes to make it in the NHL.

Personally, I'll be tuning in. I'm skeptical that this series will be as good as the previous 'HBO 24/7' series that ran in previous years, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong. That series was wildly entertaining before the NHL decided to sanitize a bit by censoring lanuage.

Stay tuned. The new show drops in Fall of 2024.

Source: NHL