William Nylander trolls his own grandmother!

You'll be that age one day too, Willy!



The Toronto Maple Leafs are set to take on the Detroit Red Wings and the Minnesota Wild in a pair of games in Sweden as part of the NHL's Global Series, and naturally, Swedish forward William Nylander is going all out for the special occasion.

It marks the first chance that Nylander will have to play an NHL contest in his homeland, and he'll have plenty of family and friends on hand. 

"I think we're all super excited to go back to Sweden with friends and family and stuff," he said. "I mean, I have some friends and family that haven't been able to make it over to watch a game, so I think that'd be very special for them to see that.

And, of course, all the people in Sweden can now watch some NHL hockey games at a decent hour there. Obviously, with games in North America, the games start at like 1 a.m. there, so not a lot of kids can watch those games.

I think this is an important chance to show them NHL hockey."

According to Leafs beat writer David Alter, Nylander shelled out for between 90 to 100 tickets for both games, and that it will also be the first chance for his grandmother to watch him play live. Oh, and Nylander wasn't above a playful little quip regarding his grandmother's age. 

"Nylander says he's secured about 90-100 tickets for both Leafs games, and his grandmother will get to see him play in an NHL game for the first time.

Asked how old his grandmother is: oh, I don't know. Old."

Nylander is on an absolute tear to start this season, which also happens to coincide with the final year of his current contract. Right now, it remains to be seen whether or not Leafs management and Nylander will be able to come to an extension that will keep him a member of the team beyond 2024. 

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