Willie Desjardins' new solution for the power-play is...

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With the Canucks already looking ahead to next season, they tried something new at practice today. They tried putting Nikita Tryamkin in front of the net on their powerplay. Tryamkin is listed at 6’7” and 265 pounds. It is not known how long they will try this for, but expect to see it in their next game.  Tryamkin is a defenseman naturally but said he was looking forward to contributing any way he could.

Tryamkin as 8 points on the year with one of those being a goal. He was picked 66th overall by the Canucks in the 2014 draft. He was their 6th selection that year. In his NHL career he has 10 points.

The Canucks aren’t the first team to use a defenseman in front of the net on the powerplay. Teams used to do it with Zdeno Chara in the past. The thought process behind it is having a large body in front of the net makes it that much harder for the goalie to see the puck. The Canucks powerplay is ranked 2nd last in the league at 29th.