Wilson gets no mercy from referees as he squirms in pain on the ice!

That was an illegal play from Sean Couturier! How unfair is this?!

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Tom Wilson has a reputation. 

The Washington Capitals forward is usually the one delivering the hits and dirty shots and is often punished for them.

However, it does not seem to be working the other way around… 

On Thursday night, in an intense match between the Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers, Wilson became the victim. 

As Wilson skated with the puck in the neutral zone, Flyers forward Sean Couturier seemed to go in a throw a legal shoulder hit, knocking the winger off his skates.

However, upon closer review, it is easy to tell that Couturier used his stick as a weapon and struck Wilson with the butt-end of his stick right in the stomach. 

Wilson laid on the ice, looking up for a call, however, the referees never sent Couturier to the penalty box for his dirty play. According to the NHL rule book, Couturier should have been given a major penalty for butt-ending.

Here is the play, courtesy of the Russian Machine Never Breaks

While Wilson looked in pain on that specific play, it did not prevent him from scoring his 20th goal of the season in the Caps’ 5-2 win over the Flyers.