Winnipeg Jets give a sneak peek at their “reverse retro” jersey.

Jets give us a preview of their new look.

Winnipeg Jets give a sneak peek at their “reverse retro” jersey.

Several teams around the National Hockey League have started to showcase previews of their upcoming "reverse retro" jerseys and on Saturday the Winnipeg Jets joined that ever growing list of teams. 

The jerseys are part of an initiative on the part of the National Hockey League that will give the 2020 - 2021 NHL season something of an old school feel, but it is of course also an attempt on the part of the league to generate additional revenue after the financial losses they suffered during the pandemic. I certainly won't be criticizing the league for making this move, they are a business after all and I genuinely feel like the fans are getting something great out of it. 

In the case of the Jets on Saturday we got a group of 3 images via their social media. The images frankly show very little outside of the color scheme that the jerseys will be using, but that is of course the point of this only being a sneak peek. In the case of the Jets we've got a shot of the jersey number on the back in one image, the jersey's collar in another, and the Adidas logo that will be sitting just above the players' name plate in the final image. 

Given what we have seen from these previews I can safely say that the primary color on the jersey will be blue, but I'm going to wait for the official unveiling before making a judgement on how I think this one will look.