Jets owner boards Chicago team bus to personally address Connor Bedard

Bedard was clearly agitated by the question regarding his family.



It's been one of the more bizarre stories in recent memory, as the Chicago Blackhawks waived veteran forward Corey Perry for the purpose of terminating his contract late last month after an undisclosed incident involving a team employee took place. 

But as is typical, the rumor mill was working overtime as to what exactly occurred, and there were more than a few folks who suggested that Perry had been caught having an illicit affair with the mother of young phenom forward Connor Bedard. 

Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson made a special point to dispel that particular rumor in his press conference addressing the situation, while Perry also made sure to clarify in his official apology that nothing of the sort happened. But that didn't stop members of the Winnipeg press from deciding to broach the subject with Bedard, which clearly didn't sit well with him.

That's when Jets team owner Mark Chipman decided to step in with a classy move. According to Blackhawks commentator Darren Pang, Chipman boarded the Blackhawks team bus to personally apologize to Bedard: 

"Darren Pang said on #Blackhawks broadcast that Jets owner boarded Hawks' bus to apologize to Connor Bedard for Winnipeg media's continuous questions about made-up rumors in Corey Perry situation."

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Source: Twitter