NHL News : With Johansen out, now what?
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With Johansen out, now what?

Heads have been scratched.

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With Ryan Johansen out for the remainder of the Playoffs, the question is on everyone's mind : Now what? Such a centerpiece of your offense is hard to replace, but the saying goes ''The most perfect plans go out the window when the action begins''. 

Twitter went on fire when the news was announced and here are a few pieces of wisdom spread across the feeds. 

This is interesting, as both Gaudreau and Kamenev have yet to have an impact in the league. However, bringing them in the lineup in a Playoff role (of course not the first line) is a tough call to make. Which brings the next idea. 

This is a far cry from Johansen, but in times of needs you make good with what you have. Jarnkrok is not necessarily a top offensive center, but he has a potential yet to be unlocked and this could be his shot. But then, there's also this one....

Yes, Ribeiro has a lot of personal issues to deal with these days, with a relapse in alcoholism at the forefront. However, Ribeiro is a very experienced former NHLer that could find redemption in this year's deep run. 

Anyhow, there's a lot of issues to be dealt with by coach Laviolette. You know, that's exactly why he's paid the big bucks! 

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Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Keystone press agency