World Cup of Hockey a good thing?

It might have its advantages

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With the World Cup over and all players returned to their respective teams, the Boston Bruins are hoping that the international tournament has sharpened their players for the upcoming season.

Combining an abysmal start to last season, and ultimately missing the playoffs the second year in a row, the Bruins are hoping that the six players who participated (seven, if Christian Ehrhoff makes the cut) in the international tournament will start the year better than they were just 12 months prior.

Ehrhoff, Bergeron, Marchand, and Chara all have had long runs in the tournament (going to finals), whereas Backes, Rask, and Pastrnak were eliminated earlier in the World Cup. “The advantage you have there is that these guys are already in ‘play mode'," said Claud Julien. "It’s not just play mode, but it’s playoff hockey mode.”

Once the season begins on October 13th against the Columbus Blue Jackets, then the Bruins will know for sure if the World Cup’s intensity polished their game earlier or not.