Yandle reportedly blocks three way trade between Bruins, Islanders and Panthers

Yandle in his hometown?


It's no secret that veteran Keith Yandle has worn out his welcome in Florida. Well... at least that seems to be the case when it comes to the Florida Panthers' coaching and management staff. By all accounts though, Yandle is a well respected and a well liked teammate in Florida. Still, for whatever reason, the Panthers seem intent on jettisoning the talented blueliner.

Yandle, who is the NHL's current ironman and hasn't missed a game in over eight seasons, is still in the Panthers' lineup but for how long? If the team does consummate a trade involving Yandle, what would it look like and where might the veteran be headed?

According to former Sportsnet NHL insider Nick Kypreos, Yandle "stood his ground" on a three-way trade offer involving the Panthers, Boston Bruins and the New York Islanders. Kypreos reports that Yandle invoked his no-trade clause to block a potential deal that would have seen him head to his hometown Bruins.

Check it out: 

"The Talk is Boston, Islanders, maybe a three-way trade, maybe Yandle ending up with the Boston Bruins. I'm sure the Panthers would have to eat some money on that but it didn't come to fruition. It appears he stood his ground.
"He was done, he was kicked to the curb, it was over and then in 48 hours that guy goes back on the first power play. Now I'm told that this was all ownership driven, that Zito needed to come in and address it. My understanding is that Yandle and his agent got an apology from his management team in Florida. 

No doubt about it that the Bruins could use Yandle's skill on the back end, especially after losing Torey Krug this past offseason to free agency. But, what kind of salary cap gymnastics will Bruins GM Bruce Cassidy have to do in order to fit Yandle and his $6.35 million salary under the team's cap? Oh and what sort of role do the Islanders play in this trade reported by Kypreos? The Bruins currently have just over $2 million in cap space while the Islanders have a whopping $0 in cap space. Something's gotta give...