Yandle slashes stick out of Capitals equipment manager’s hands in game!

​What a stupid penalty!

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Keith Yandle: you can’t do that! 

We aren’t sure what the Florida Panthers defenseman was trying to achieve, but he ended up in the sin bin to watch his team lose by a point to the Washington Capitals. 

In the last minute of play as the Panthers trailed 4-3, Caps forward Lars Eller broke his stick and was trying to get a new one from the bench. Head equipment manager Brock Myles was trying to hand it to him and Yandle knocked the stick away twice to finally get penalized for his move. 

Check it out: 

We get that Yandle just got surgery on his mouth after losing nine teeth of Saturday, but come on! 

We bet head coach Joel Quenneville had a lot to say to his veteran player about his penalty. The Panthers could have use the advantage with the empty-net, but Yandle ruined that with a stupid decision.