Yet another level reached in the Maple Leafs goal song saga…

Yet another level reached in the Maple Leafs goal song saga…




The Toronto Maple Leafs recently announced that they will no longer use Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” after a huge controversy emerged when it was first heard during the home opener against the Montreal Canadiens last week. That’s because several fans or parents of young fans were made uncomfortable and upset by the song, especially those who know someone who has been affected by drunken driving.

Here's a sampling of the lyrics:
Feeling lit, feeling right
Two AM, summer night, I don’t care
Hand on the wheel
Driving drunk I’m doing my thang”

The Maple Leafs used “Panama” by American rock band Van Halen during their game against the visiting Chicago Blackhawks on Monday night, after chatter remains loud on the whole Kudi controversy.

So much so that Elliotte Friedman reports in his written 32 Thoughts on Sportsnet that the issue was even brought up at the Board of Governors:

“Cannot believe the craziness of the Maple Leafs goal song saga. Even the team’s Board brought it up. Relax. It’s a song, this is supposed to be a fun debate.”

The Maple Leafs probably thought they were making the right call by switching things up after pushback from the fans, however, it appears that the fact that they even dared to use the song is the first place remains an issue…

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