Yotes-inspired 'Kachina' designs for every NHL team.

Incredible stuff.

Jonathan Larivee

These are some of the coolest and most creative designs I've seen when it comes to manipulating the logos and themes of teams in the National Hockey League and given how many submissions we've seen here over the years that is saying something.

A passionate fan and talented artist who has only identified himself by the only nickname 'Mickearlson' has created a new series of amazing logos for every single team currently in the NHL, with of course the only exception being the Coyotes themselves. In fact in a few cases there were teams fortunate enough to get multiple versions of these designs, with the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the Los Angeles Kings, and the Vancouver Canucks all getting a pair of designs rather than a single one.

Over the years the Coyotes Kachina design, which was inspired by Native American culture where there is a belief that kachina spirits, which are the spirits of deities, natural elements, animals or even their ancestors, return to the earth every year at the start of the winter solstice, has become an exceedingly popular one among long time fans of the National Hockey League. It is certainly one of the most unique designs in the entire league and that is certainly the case for all of the designs created here by Mickearlson.

Now not every team in the league is represented by a name or logo that quickly translates into a kachina design so the artist behind these particular designs had to get a little creative. Teams like the Calgary Flames or the Winnipeg Jets for example are represented by what appears to be just a person, while in some other cases the team mascots were brought in to help flesh out the design and make it unique to that particular franchise. Good examples of this are the designs for the Philadelphia Flyers where Gritty stands in for the team or in the case of the Montreal Canadiens where Youpi! makes an appearance.

You can see all 34 of his unique and beautiful designs in the slideshow he has provided just below, all of which carry special meaning for the artist who has a Native American ancestors of his own.

NHL Kachina Designs by Mickearlson