“You fight, you're out of the game!” demand former NHL players

Do you want fighting to remain in NHL hockey?

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After Minnesota Wild forward Marcus Foligno was seriously injured in a fight having to defend himself from Chicago Blakchawks' John Hayden following a clean hit, two former NHL players took on the air on TSN' That's Hockey to plead for some much needed changes to fighting in hockey.

Mike Johnston and Dave Poulin are aware that fighting in hockey is much appreciated by NHL fans and that players are also looking to protect themselves in certain situations, but don't agree with the fact that it is an essential part of the sport. 

"Having to fight after a clean hit is a trend, and I think it's just dump," said Johnston. "We've seen violent sports: football, they don't seem to fight very often, rugby they don't seem to fight very often, there are other sports where they can control themselves."

"I am not ready to say it's got to go completely, but I am ready to say if you fight, you get kicked out of the game," added Johnston. "In my rule, if you're in a fight and the the player gets an instigator, you don't have to leave."

Johnston and Poulin's answers are to make sure some teams do not take out key players in a fight. But their solution is something the NHL might be seriously considering. 

"I think it's on the way out of the game," said Poulin. "I can see that day in the near future."

What do you think? Should fighting be out of the game?