Young hockey player dies tragically after fighting for his life.

A horrible update to this story.

Jonathan Larivee
Young hockey player dies tragically after fighting for his life.

We have a terrible update to bring.

On November 21, 16 year old hockey player Valentin Rodionov was involved in a very scary incident when he collapsed on the bench almost immediately after getting off the ice for a shift with his team, MHC Dynamo. The young man was participating in the Moscow Open Championship match against CSKA Moscow, and he was quickly provided with medical assistance when it became clear he was in distress.

Unfortunately his condition required that he be transported to hospital and as a result Rodionov was transported to Morozov Children's City Clinical Hospital in Moscow where he would undergo emergency surgery. The details surrounding what exactly caused Rodionov to collapse remain unclear, but we do know that for 6 days both the doctors treating him and Rodionov himself fought for his life.

Sadly an announcement from CSKA Moscow this morning has now confirmed that Rodionov has lost his battle and has passed away while under the care of his doctors. Rodionov had been moved to intensive care but, in spite of what I am sure were the best efforts of the medical professionals who treated him, it wouldn't be enough to save his life.

Radionov had appeared in 10 games for MHC Dynamo this season and from the outside looking in there did not appear to be anything wrong with him in those earlier games.

Spartak initially announced that they would hold a moment of silence prior to their next game against Dynamo, but it seems they were only leading by example. The KHL has now announced that all teams playing on the 28th will hold a moment of silence to honor Rodionov's memory.

Any time a player is seriously injured or killed while playing the sport it is always a tragedy, but the fact that this happened to such a young kid that was only just beginning to live his dream of being a hockey player is truly heartbreaking. Our thoughts and condolences go out to both MHC Dynamo and CSKA Moscow and all of their players who were affected by having been on hand for this horrific incident, and as well to all of Valentin Rodionov's friends, family and loved ones.