Young man proposes on outdoor rink in most Canadian proposal ever!

Just so Canadian.

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This is about as Canadian as things get. 

A video recently published on social media and covered on some television stations in Canada has drawn a ton of attention for just how Canadian a moment it appears to capture. In the video a young man, who we now know is a man named Colin from Grande Prairie, Alberta, takes on a difficult challenge when he decides to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend. 

In the video you can see Colin and his now fiancee are out on the ice with a group of friends and it's unclear if they are on a frozen body of water, for example a lake, or if they are merely on an outdoor skating rink that has been set up to play some puck on. Colin is feeding pucks to his fiancee who is putting on her best effort to keep the puck moving along in spite of the fact that she appears to be holding the stick the wrong way, or was given a stick that does not suit her natural shooting side. 

As she continues to fire off the pucks that Colin is feeding her suddenly a different looking puck arrives on her stick and the astute young lady immediately notices that something is different this time around. She can be heard on the video asking Colin what the object on the ice is, but instead of answering he he slowly walks over to her while removing his gear before dropping down on one knee. It seems at first if Colin's fiancee is a little confused by what is going on but when he picks up the box on the floor and holds it up in his hand towards her she immediately recognizes what is happening and the expression on her face tells the entire story. 

We are happy to say that Colin got the answer that he wanted, she said yes, not only because it creates one of the most truly Canadian proposals we've ever seen but also because these two seem likely a lovely young couple. Hopefully the future for these two is bright and will bring them plenty of joy and happiness.

Here's a preview of what the birth of their first child might look like.