Young Maple Leaf expected to give up his number after big offseason moves from his team.

Young Leaf may have to give up his number.

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The big news in Toronto over the week-end was the acquisition of former San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau.

While the news was likely well received by the overwhelming majority of players in the Maple Leafs' locker room, for one player in particular it may bring a bit of an unwelcome change.

According to a report from Scott Wheeler of the Toronto Star, Patrick Marleau has made it rather clear that he wants to be wearing #12 come the start of next season, a number that is already being warn by Connor Brown.

Unfortunately for Brown, given the reputation and status that Marleau has achieved during his time in this league, it seems likely that Marleau will i nfact get what he wants. Wheeler however does not expect Brown will be too upset giving it up to a 500+ goal scorer.