Your call: Does fighting still have a place in today’s NHL?

A former Leafs enforcer doesn’t seem to think so.

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Fighting has become less and less relevant in today’s NHL. You’ll occasionally see one in response to a violent hit against a teammate, or when frustrations boil over as a team is struggling to gain any momentum in a game.

The age of the enforcer, however, is over. Gone are the days where a George Parros or Colton Orr will suit up in an NHL lineup.

Speaking of the latter, Orr, a former Leafs enforcer, spoke out today on the place of fighting and enforcers in today’s NHL.

Today’s game is speed – if you don’t have it, odds are you’ll be out of a job in hockey’s most prestigious league. The reason why a guy like Matt Martin in Toronto still has a place because he is able to chip in offensively while being one of the league’s most physical forces.

So what do you think? Is fighting a thing of the past?