Your call: Rask or Khudobin?

Khudobin is slowly making a case for himself.

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5-0-2, 2.17 GAA, 0.935 save percentage.

3-7-2, 2.89 GAA, 0.897 save percentage.

These are the stat lines of the Boston Bruins' two goalies. Now logically, you'd look at them and attribute the sparkling first line to Tuukka Rask and the subpar second stat line to Anton Khudobin.

Alas, that is not the case here. 

Rask has been disappointing this season, while Khudobin has been lights out for an injury-depleted Bruins team. 

Boston doesn't play until Wednesday when they visit the New Jersey Devils. They've been red hot this season and will prove to be a formidable challenge for the Bruins - and head coach Bruce Cassidy is highly considering riding the hot glove. As of now, he's undecided on who starts after a few days off since the California trip.

Rask chipped into the conversation, clearly demonstrating his unhappiness with himself right now.

So now we turn things to you: Who do you have more confidence in right now?

Rask, or Khudobin?