Your Call: Will Stamkos ever hit 50 goals again?

The elite level sniper put up 60 goals just five years ago, but injuries have derailed his production. Can he ever get back to 50?

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Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos may have the hardest luck of anyone in the NHL. The superstar has only managed to put together one full season in the past five years due to various freak injuries. Now, fully healthy for the first time in a long-time, the 27 year-old sniper is looking to build off the early success he had in 2016-17 and get back to his old ways.

In just 17 games last season, Stamkos had a remarkable 9 goals and 20 points before being sidelined for the entire season with a devastating knee injury. In those 17 games, the chemistry between him and linemate Nikita Kucherov was undeniable. So, can they rekindle the fire for 2017-18? If so, what’s a realistic expectation in terms of production for Stamkos? Can he get to 40 goals? 50 goals?

Don’t forget that Stamkos scored a remarkable 60 goals in 2011-12, 51 in 2009-10 and has twice crested the 40 goal mark. While 50 goals may seem like a stretch… it might not seem that way once he hits the ice with Kucherov on his wing.

So, what do you think? Can Stamkos ever reach 50 goals in a season again?