Youth league ref looks completely waffled, falls all over the place

The girls out there look a bit concerned lol


Anybody out there ref in their off-time? Beer league? Youth/minor hockey?

Personally, I've reffed beer league for well over a decade now, but somehow I have managed to completely avoid reffing any youth/minor hockey. From my buddies who do ref youth/minor hockey though, it sounds like a nightmare. Kids all over the ice, going offside every damn play, parents shouting at you from the stands and coaches who are taking things far, far, FAR too seriously. No thanks, not interested. I'd much rather bullshit with the guys at beer league and chirp them back when they scream at me for missing an offside.

Then there are the times where I probably don't want to be at the rink, I shouldn't be at the rink, but you know what? The game doesn't happen without a ref. So I lace up the skates, I slam some water and I get my hungover ass out there to drop the puck. While I've pulled off this move at beer league before, I'm not sure it would work the same in a youth/minor league game.

I mean... just watch buddy here:

Good effort, bud. But maybe you'd be better as an 'off-ice' official?