Yzerman gets real about the futures of Kane and Gostisbehere.

Yzerman gets real about the futures of Kane and Gostisbehere.

The Detroit Red Wings general manager addressed the future of two of his top pending unrestricted free agents.

Jonathan Larivee

Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman oversaw a team that just barely failed to make the Stanley Cup playoffs this past season and as a result there will perhaps be more pressure on him to make the playoffs this season than in any season since he took over as GM of the Red Wings.

Yzerman and his staff will need to hit big on the moves they make over the course of the summer if they hope to see their team take the next step, and that could begin with keeping some of the pending unrestricted free agents currently on the Red Wings roster.

In a pre-draft media availability, Yzerman confirmed to members of the press that he is indeed working the phones when it comes to some of the Red Wings key free agents.

"I've been in contact with everyone," admitted Yzerman during his media availability.

That includes defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere who played a significant role in the Red Wings lineup over the course of this past season after Yzerman signed him to a new deal on July 1st of 2023.

"I've had talks and will continue to talk with Shayne's agent here," admitted Yzerman, "Haven't ruled that out, we would like to try and figure something out."

Yzerman also confirmed that he has spoken with those representing star forward Patrick Kane about a possible return to Detroit next season.

"I talked with Pat Brisson who represents Patrick," said Yzerman. "We've talked with all of our free agents, not just Patrick, and explained my situation and have a feel for what they are thinking of and we just pretty much all agreed 'Let's just stay in touch.'"

Yzerman knows that the clock is ticking, not only with the NHL draft just a few short days away but also with the opening of free agency on July 1st just a little over a week away.

"This is a busy week, not just a busy week for the draft but a busy week trying to see if we can't put some of these pieces in place," admitted Yzerman.

That being said, the Red Wings general manager made sure to temper expectations when it comes to his pending unrestricted free agents. Yzerman even went so far as to suggest that it is possible that the team may be unable to retain any of them at all.

"I've been in contact with everyone... we won't be able to sign all of our unrestricted free agents, I can't even guarantee we will sign any of them, but we have interest in signing them," said Yzerman. "It's gonna come down to term and dollars, we have to make this all fit."