Zac Rinaldo gets dropped by a flurry of punches from Deslauriers.

Rinaldo badly outmatched in this one.

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Given the number of times he has been suspended for blatant cheap shots it's hard to find fans who are upset when infamous National Hockey League agitator Zac Rinaldo takes a beating. 

On Thursday night the Arizona Coyotes center decided to drop the gloves with Nicolas Deslauriers who was making his Montreal Canadiens debut on the evening, and it was clear immediately in this fight that Deslauriers was out there to prove something. 

The fight between the two men was never close, and while Rinaldo did attempt a few punches during the exchange none of them were ever really near the mark due to Deslauriers superior leverage in the battle. 

Instead Rinaldo was forced to eat shots from a wild Deslauriers who would eventually put Rinaldo down on the ice, releasing a primal scream shortly thereafter that was much appreciated by the crowd.