Zach Hyman accidentally throws Kyle Dubas under the bus.
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Zach Hyman accidentally throws Kyle Dubas under the bus.

Comments from Zach Hyman over the weekend are likely to send fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs into a fit.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs aren't going to like this.

Over the course of the past 3 seasons fans in Toronto have had to watch former Maple Leafs forward Zach Hyman achieve a great deal of success with a Canadian rival, the Edmonton Oilers. Hyman has taken that to the next level this year with the gritty forward just 1 goal away from the 50 goal plateau, making the Maple Leafs' decision not to retain Hyman that much tougher of a pill to swallow.

Prior to facing the Maple Leafs on Saturday night, Hyman made comments that may make an already bitter pill even more so for fans in Toronto, comments that suggest that he was effectively pushed out by the Maple Leafs organization. Hyman would reveal that he exhausted every option to try and remain in Toronto before even considering another team as a free agent.

"When I was going through the process, I didn’t look at any other teams beside Toronto until I knew that that door was closed and didn’t have much of a choice with regards to that door," said Hyman on Saturday.

At the time of that decision it was general manager Kyle Dubas who was steering the ship in Toronto, a general manager whose negotiating skills have been questioned in the past.

To be fair to Dubas the Maple Leafs did have significant salary cap constraints when they let Hyman walk as a free agent, but there's no disputing the fact that Hyman's current average annual value and salary cap hit of $5.5 million looks like an absolute steal for the Oilers 3 years into a 7 year deal.

It sounds very much like, had it been up to Hyman, he would have liked to put up those numbers in Toronto.