Zach Hyman comments on Leon Draisaitl's current slump.

Zach Hyman comments on Leon Draisaitl's current slump.

Zach Hyman responds to questions about Leon Draisaitl's current goal scoring slump.

Jonathan Larivee

It sounds a little ridiculous to be talking about a slump from a player that has produced 31 points over 24 games thus far in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs, but that was much of the conversation surrounding Edmonton Oilers star forward Leon Draisaitl coming into Game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Draisaitl has yet to register a goal in the Stanley Cup Final and had been very critical of his own performance in the lead up to Game 6 himself.

"I'm not happy with the way I'm playing," said Draisaitl of his performance.

Draisaitl once again failed to find the back of the net in Game 6 but in many ways he would lead the charge for the Oilers with a great play to set up teammate Warren Foegele for the game's opening goal.

Following the conclusion of Game 6, Draisaitl's teammates would be asked about the criticism he has faced, much of which has come from himself, in the Stanley Cup Final thus far. Oilers teammate Zach Hyman made it clear how valuable he believes Draisaitl is to the Oilers and their current playoff run.

"I mean you just knew he was gonna respond," said Hyman. "I don't think he's playing poorly or anything like that... at all. Leo puts such a high standard on himself and he's a huge driver of this team so he's his biggest critic."

Hyman would go on to add that he believes Draisaitl should be feeling pretty good about himself after his performance in Game 6.

"I hope he feels good about his game because everybody else does," said Hyman with a chuckle and a smile. "He got us started with an unbelievable play and I thought he was just solid the whole night."