Zach Hyman gets attacked by bozo reporter!

Zach Hyman gets attacked by bozo reporter!

How can he ruin this accomplishment for the Oilers’ top forward?!



Edmonton Oilers forward Zach Hyman is having a career year. On Sunday against the Ottawa Senators, he recorded his 50th goal of the season. This is a huge accomplishment for anyone in the league, seeing that there’s only ever been about 100 players who have scored 50 goals in a season one or more times in their career. In 69 contests in 2023-24, Hyman he has tallied 51 goals and has been just more of an offensive menace than captain Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl.

However, one bozo reporter decided to take away from Hyman’s accomplishment and shit all over in at the beginning of the week. Andrew Berkshire took to social media to explain how the only reason Hyman managed to score so many goals is because he grew up rich. In a ridiculous post, Berkshire dares to start off by saying the media has “a responsibility to tell stories” and points to Hyman’s family having a finished basement and double oven growing up. Then talks about a trip to Turks and Caicos when he was 14…

What does that have to do with hard work and everything Hyman has done since to make a name for himself in the NHL?

Hyman has been working his ass off, and certainly does not deserve to be attacked by someone who calls himself a reporter. And since we are on the same level, I felt the need to attack him back with this text.

It’s funny to think that the only reason why the Great One Wayne Gretzky was could be linked to his family’s wealth?! GEEZ! How ungodly rich were they???

This is incredibly unfair to Hyman, who is not taking this successful season for granted. After scoring his 50th, Hyman was asked by Sportsnet's Gene Principe about the importance of hard work and perseverance. He offered an insightful response, “you do good things every day [and] good things are going to happen.”

“Hockey and life is a roller coaster - there’s ups and downs - but if you stick with it and always are positive, things tend to go your way.”

Then last night, Hyman banged in the overtime winner, his 51st of the campaign, and the 200th goal of his NHL career.

Let's focus on what Hyman has to say, and not the guy that attacked him for being a hard-working player.

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