Zach Hyman takes a jab at Maple Leaf fans after Game 6.

Zach Hyman takes a jab at Maple Leaf fans after Game 6.

Zach Hyman gets in a little dig at his former team after a big win in the Western Conference Final.

Jonathan Larivee

Watching the success that Edmonton Oilers forward Zach Hyman has had since leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs has likely been a tough pill to swallow for many fans in the city of Toronto. Not only was Hyman a beloved player while playing for the Maple Leafs but he was also a relatively affordable one when compared to some of the contracts the Maple Leafs currently boast, a relatively affordable 50+ goal scorer that they allowed to walk away as a free agent.

That bitter pill hasn't gotten any better during the course of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs where Hyman has shined bright as a key component of the Oilers playoff run, and it would seem that Hyman is fully aware of just how bitter some fans in Toronto may be.

On Sunday night, following a huge win over the Dallas Stars in Game 6 of the Western Conference Final, Hyman would take an unprompted shot at his former team in Toronto when he was asked about the Oilers being 'Canada's team' as the only Canadian team remaining in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hyman chuckled at the question before expressing his doubts about any support from the Maple Leafs faithful.

"That's nice," said Hyman with a laugh. "Well I don't know if Toronto's cheering for us, but it's nice to hear Ottawa is."

As a Canadian himself Hyman certainly understands the sentiment though and expressed why he feels it would mean so much for the Oilers to win, even for Canadians who aren't necessarily fans of the Edmonton Oilers.

"Hockey means so much to Canada and to Canadians and it's been a long time since a Canadian team has won the Cup," admitted Hyman. "It would mean a lot to Canadians whether they are Oiler fans or not I'm sure. Some pride over the Americans."

The Maple Leafs have been out of the playoffs since the first round, but that hasn't prevented them from catching strays from their former players in the Western Conference Final.