Zach Parise makes egotistic move, exposes player who gave it all.

Emotions might run hot next year in the locker room.

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With the expansion draft, it seems the drama never ends. Each team had to pick its own players to be exposed, but a lot of complications fell in line with the decisions. For one thing, preexisting contracts including non-movement clause (NMC) forced GM to make even tougher choices. 

It's exactly what might happen in Minnesota. According to reports, Zach Parise decided NOT to lift his own no-trade clause, so GM Chuck Fletcher had no choice but to expose Eric Staal. However, this has to be pissing Staal off a lot, since he accepted a reduced pay to play close to home. The story is pretty well known, but now that he's exposed and arguably one of the most interesting guy on the Wild's list, thing could go very wrong for him. 

Of course, NHLers are not charitable organization and Parise's refusal to lift his NMC is not surprising. He duly signed a contract with his future in mind and he still has a lot of hockey left to be played in Minnesota. Thing is, it's a tough break for Staal, who litteraly left millions on the table for Parise's benifit in the end. 

One last note, the major concussion suffered by Staal last season might have been a factor for the Wild's management, but it will be hard to prove.