Zach Whitecloud gives the Stanley Cup a new first.
Vegas Golden Knights/YouTube  

Zach Whitecloud gives the Stanley Cup a new first.

It was Zach Whitecloud's day with the Stanley Cup, and he has done something no player has done before.

Jonathan Larivee

Every player in the National Hockey League who wins the Stanley Cup gets to have their own day with the trophy and there are a variety of traditions that players will often follow on their special day. Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Zach Whitecloud however will go down as a trendsetter, introducing a first for the Stanley Cup this year on his special day with the Cup.

Whitecloud is of course famously a member of the Sioux Nation and became the first player from the Sioux Nation to win hockey's ultimate prize. If that wasn't enough of a trend for the young man to set, he also took it one step further by becoming the first player to bring the trophy back home to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.

Zach of course shared his day with the trophy with members of his family, describing breakfast with mom and grandma with a huge smile across his face, but he also took time out of his one day with the Cup to share it with the rest of his community as well.

It was a beautiful gesture on Whitecloud's part and I am happy to report that the community repaid him for his kindness by showing up en masse, with many sporting a shirt with 'Whitecloud' and the #2 across their backs, for what appears to have been a truly wonderful celebration.

Thankfully the Golden Knights had camera crews on hand to capture many of those special moments, and have now released a video so we can all experience a little part of Zach Whitecloud's sepcial day with the Stanley Cup.