Zack Kassian answers the ONE question everyone wanted answered.

Why does he do it?

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The Oilers are dominating this year's Playoffs so far and one guy attracts a lot of attention in the meantime. You would expect McDavid or Marroon being the center of attention, but it's actually Zack Kassian's mutton chop that has everyone talking. 

He was asked about it by Sportsnet today, so you will FINALLY learn why he wears that very 19th century-esque beard style. 

Basically, it's all in good fun. Of course, the beard is not a critical topic of this year's Playoffs, but when you think about it for a second, it tells a lot. Kassian has a lot of confidence in his play and he let himself be ridiculed for his beard in good fun. On top of that, it attracts attention on himself and frees the other guys from the media's scrutiny. 

We can all agree Kassian looks like a fun guy to be around!