Zack Kassian jumps in scrum to protect Draisaitl!

Don’t start a fight without him!

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Edmonton Oilers forward Zack Kassian may be celebrating more than four years of hard work and sobriety and the fact that he is a new father, there are some things that will never change about the veteran player. 

He still loves a good fight and proved it on Thursday night when the Philadelphia Flyers were in town. 

At the end of the first period, as the Oilers led 2-1 and the Flyers were being very menacing in front of the net, tempers flared and a scrum ensued. 

However, as the players started pushing one another around star forward Leon Draisaitl, Kassian was on the other side of the rink. It did not take long for Kassian to realize he was missing on the fun as he skated to the scrum and literally jumped into it to save his star teammate from the fists of Flyers defenseman Travis Sanheim. 

You can tell from the video above there was no way Kassian was letting the Flyers hurt his beloved teammate: 

You gotta love a teammate like Kassian, who does not stand back when his teammates need him!