Zadorov talks trash, throws Flames under the bus and takes a shot at Edmonton media
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Zadorov talks trash, throws Flames under the bus and takes a shot at Edmonton media

This guy is just taking on the entire province of Alberta!

Trevor Connors

The offseason officially begins for the Vancouver Canucks today.

The team is at Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver for the last time this season, packing up their things and heading home for a long summer.

The players, coaches and management staff are also meeting with the media to give some closure on the season and share plans for the offseason.

Pending free agent defenseman Nikita Zadorov was asked on his impressions of the team, the city and whether or not he has considered re-signing long-term with the Canucks. Well... he answered the question and then some. Not only did Zadorov praise Vancouver hockey fans for their passion, he threw his old team the Calgary Flames completely under the bus.

Hockey in Canada is different. I can compare it to Calgary, but I feel like Vancouver fanbase is way bigger. Calgary's not even the #1 team in Alberta... it's obvious. There's more Edmonton fans because they've had a better history throughout the years.

- Nikita Zadorov

Then when asked about re-signing in Vancouver and what it would cost to get him under contract, Zadorov took a shot at the Edmonton media.

"How much do you think I should make? I don't know where you get those numbers from, the trees? You've gotta stop listening to Edmonton reporters."

- Nikita Zadorov

This guy just absolutely burned every bridge he had in the province of Alberta.

After Zadorov torched an entire province, Canucks star Elias Pettersson revealed that he has been dealing with a knee injury that has bothered him since January. While the player wouldn't use it as an excuse for his lacklustre play in the post-season, it's clear that the injury has affected him.

The 25 year old Pettersson had just one goal and six points in 13 playoff games against the Nashville Predators and Edmonton Oilers.

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