Zamboni accident at practice!

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In recent years, Hockey Feed has shared with you some unexpected stories involving Zambonis and their drivers (and we are not going to bring back up the one with driver David Ayres, who suited up in Toronto as an emergency goalie for the Carolina Hurricanes only to beat the Maple Leafs in net), but this is a new one.

Last year, an accident on ice was trending all over social media when in Lexington, Kentucky ice skaters at a local rink were treated to an absolute shock when the rink’s Zamboni essentially exploded during a public skating session. It was reported that employees were replacing a propane tank on the Zamboni machine when a leak caused an explosion. The good news was that the explosion didn’t cause damage and nobody was injured, and said everyone was very lucky.

However in this case, the driver was injured when he attempted to clean the ice onboard the Zamboni and went a tad too fast. In the video below, which was posted on Reddit with very little information, shows the driver losing control of the machine close to the boards, colliding into them only to be pumped out of his seat and falling hard onto the ice. The Zamboni slowly keeps going as the driver cannot get back up to his feet with players attending practice screaming : “He’s down, he’s down.”

Players that were on the ice immediately rushed to the driver’s aid with one climbing onto the Zamboni to stop it. He then moves it away from the scene where players have gathered to help with the driver and his injuries.

It was all caught on tape and here it is:

Let’s hope the driver is doing okay, and remember that driving a Zamboni probably ain’t that easy! 

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Source: Reddit