Zdeno Chara destroys teammate Brad Marchand on social media.

Chara burns Marchand with a zinger.

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Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand sure does love poking fun at members of his team on social media, and I have to admit I'm not sure why he loves it so much. Sure Marchand often has some very witty and more often than not hilarious jabs to throw at his teammates, but it always seems like he ends get the short end of the stick.

On Saturday ahead of a rivalry game against the Toronto Maple Leafs the Bruins notorious pest was at it again and this time his target was the largest man on the Boston Bruins roster, teammate and Bruins captain Zdeno Chara. So why was Marchand poking fun at Chara's expense? Well as it turns out the Boston Bruins official social media accounts had published a photo of Chara wearing a shirt with the number 88 on it. That number of course belongs to Bruins teammate David Pastrnak and Marchand was quick to ask why Chara was not showing more love for Marchand's own number 63.

"That's bullsh*t big man no six three love??" asked Marchand in reply to the picture. 

Well surprisingly enough it seems that Chara himself either noticed the playful jab from Marchand, or perhaps more likely was informed by his fellow Bruins of the shot at his expense, and the big man fired back at Marchand with a chirp of his own. Chara's barb to Marchand however was much more poignant and promoted several responses on social as many fans chimed in to support him for not taking any guff from Marchand, one of the most notorious pests in the entire National Hockey League.

"[Marchand] sorry man but your shirts come only in small and medium sizes. Still love you!" responded the Bruins defenseman."

This of course was a shot at Marchand's small stature, at least in the world of the NHL, and unsurprisingly fans of both the Bruins and fans of rival organizations absolutely loved the response from Chara. Chara has been more active on social media himself as of late, starting an Instagram account where he gives glimpses into his life and into his workout routines, and hopefully that means well get more moments like this from the Bruins big man as well.