Breaking: Medical Examiner's office confirms fan fell to his death during game last night.

A warning to all sports fans.

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We rarely post stories that aren't hockey related, but when we do you can bet it's because they are far reaching indeed and that is exactly the case again today.

According to a report from Denver 7 News' Amanda del Castillo Denver's Medical Examiner's office has confirmed that the fan who plummeted 30 feet to the ground after a fall at Mile High Stadium last night has lost his life.

The fan was immediately rushed to hospital after the fall, and while initial reports suggest he was alive when he reached the hospital, it has been confirmed today that he succumbed to his injuries, although no official time frame was released in that regard.

It's the third such incident in the last three years, and as in often the case in these stories, in the previous incidents we know alcohol played a factor, but thankfully those fans survived their falls.

While every major stadium in North America has railings to protect fans, they aren't designed to protect people from human error, so to all our readers who will be attending games this year, please be extra careful, we don't want to hear about this happening at an NHL game this season, or ever.