Fan taunts players at the Ryder Cup, gets challenged to a bet, and does the incredible!

Only sports can produce this kind of real life drama!

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This isn't a hockey story but it was just so incredible we wanted to share it with you anyways.

During a practice session for the Ryder Cup today one American fan got loud enough and annoying enough to draw the attention of the players on Team Europe. In one particular instance the fan's taunts prompted Henrik Stenson to invite him onto the field and challenge him to back up his big mouth.

Team Europe's players set him up for a chance to make the put in their stead and he showed a willingness to answer the challenge, a challenge that had the added value of having $100 on the line after one of Team Europe's players walked over and laid a bill down next to the ball.

The video below, courtesy of Rory McIlroy, shows what happened next.