Mike Tyson accused of stealing ice cream at the U.S. Open.

Good old Iron Mike.

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One of the baddest men on the planet has been accused of stealing some ice cream during a U.S. Open Tennis event.

In a hilarious report from the New York Post former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was spotted by multiple onlookers taking some Ben & Jerry's ice cream from a kiosk on the grounds of U.S. Open and then simply walking away without paying. According to the post it sounds like Tyson got away with it because no one was willing to confront him.

“I was like, ‘Are you serious? Am I imagining this?’ (Tyson) was like, ‘I feel like having an ice cream’ and he just took it,” said one stunned worker, adding, “What are you going to do, fight him? He’s Mike Tyson.”

There are some who have painted this as a malicious or intentional act of theft from Tyson, however his side of the story is very different. according to Tyson's publicist it was simply a misunderstanding, and one that has already been taken care of.

“There was a misunderstanding,” said Joann Mignano. “Mike got the ice cream and was going to have the host pay for it as he was running around with his family. He was being pulled in a lot of directions as his daughter, Milan, is a rising tennis star and huge fan of the sport. … His host, [USTA national manager] David Slade, got the money from Mike and has made sure the bill has been taken care of.”

Furthermore it sounds like the person in charge of the kiosk didn't even care to begin with.

“Oh, it’s Mike Tyson, let it go,” said the boss according to one witness.